What is Holi ? How it celebrates? Why this festival ?

Holi Festival :

Holi is a festival of Hindu . It also known as " festival of color " , "Faguwa" & also somewhere says " festival of love ".

Who celebrates holi festival?

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Mainly Hindu celebrates Holi festival . Hindu or previous name Sanatana religion which is world's oldest religion.
 Means Hindu is the first religion of human being. So by this way Holi may celebrate by any driven religion .

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Also Observed by Religions : Sikh , Lingayat  also some Jain, Newar , Buddhism and other

How to celebrate ?

It has 2 days celebration :

  •  Holika Dahan (burning of Demon Holika ) : 

in previous night of Holi festival , people collect some special wooden stick and Hawan Samagri including camphor (karpur)
 then burns it near to home.

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  • Holi festival day : This day people do 2 main things ... 
    ★ Worship and eats special occasional food dedicated to god, called MaalPuwa or Puwa. 
    ★ Play with color among friends and families. People sprays colors on one another  and they do dance too.
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Hawan samagri : Made from ayurvedic havan exotic herbs, Black til, Jau, 30 types of dhoop, Bhimseni kapoor, rose petals, sandalwood powder, lobaan, ghee, chandan,Nagkesar,Tagar, Agar, wala, Red Sandal powder, Nagarmotha, Lotus seeds,Jata masi, Batriso Dhoop, Kapoor Kachri, Satavari,Tumeric etc

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Where does it celebrate ?

Specially in India & Indian subcontinent of India .
  Major celebrating counties: India & Nepal .
also rest of world where Hindu or Indian subcontinent people stays.

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Why Holi ? (Religious view)

Main characters -
Holika : a sister of demon
HiranyaKashyap : a demon
Prahlad : little boy ,devote and son of demon
Lord Narsimha : avatar of Lord Vishnu (supreme power as operator )

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Brief Story in simple English :

   Holika dahan story :

         Holika got order from his brother Demon Hiranyakashyap to burn devote prahlad (his son) . she had boon that she can't get burn but fortunately she only burnt when she was trying to born Prahlad in taking him into her lap while fire burning .
   Holi story :

         Hiranyakashipu did hardest penance and got magical power from Lord Brahma as
he can't killed by :
  • man & animal  ;
  • Not in home & outside ;
  • Neither in sky nor at earth ;
  • Not in day & nor in night ;
  • Not by astra & sastra (types of weapons)

So Lord Vishnu took in to new avatar  with head of Lion & Rest of  man body.
So he putted Hiranyakashipu on his thigh under the gate in the evening time and killed with nails.

Note : 9th Avatar of Lord Vishnu , Lord Krishna's story about killing demon also belong to this festival as " victory of Good over evil "
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Why does celebrate Holi ? ( scientific view)

February-March (falgun month) may have more cold-flu  problem and also due to habit of recently going cold weather,  body resist to take normal and cold water as bath and results people get sick .

So Camphor ( karpur) plus other hawan material ( natural) burning results less decease of flu & cold . this also save from many other bacterias - viruses.

On holi day we eat home made sweet which contain camphor so eating this lead to body resisting power & body becomes more protective.
Please use camphor (kapur) only in limit.

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When does holi celebrate ?

  In full Moon of Falgun of Spring season.
Falgun falls on February-March month

Main motive

  • Victory of Good over Evil .
  • keep humanity alive.
  • Stay in unity
  • Holly enjoyment
  • Love among family & friends & society

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